Indonesia is one of the large countries in the world which has great potency in the several areas such as forestry, marines, renewable energy and human resources. Sustainability concept should be involved during the utilization of these resources to achieve prosperity among Indonesia citizens. A sustainable development would improve the quality of human life which then could be accessed by all individual citizens and future generations. Researchers as agent of innovation could play important and significant contribution to implement these concepts not only during the research activities but also in the application. In order to attain that purposes, the collaboration of multidisciplinary scientist are strongly needed. Indonesia student association in Hokkaido (PPI-H) which is consist young talented research in the numerous area such as science, engineering, environmental, forestry, agriculture, fishery and social sciences has high motivation to provide sustainability and prosperity among Indonesia citizens. One of the contributions by PPI-H is the 10th Hokkaido Indonesia Scientific Meeting (HISAS 10). In this meeting, all participants who are mostly young researchers from different point of view will exchanges their ideas and research experiences to promote better solution for Indonesia’s development.